Artists Guinea and not only ...

In a world where competition never ceases to impose itself, we, artists, are victims of competition. This often expresses itself in the fear of opening up and sharing with others, fear of plagiarizing, fear of being criticized. Artists get jealous, judge each other and even avoid each other.  Because this has been a reality for a long time, my wish is for a coming together of this community of creaters.  Also, I send out a message of friendship to artists of the world.  I invite you to participate with me, in addition to the people around you, to share your vision of the world and your progression as an artist. I invite you to unveil the multiple facets of your art. I am curious to meet you and get to know the passion within you.   I wish to facilitate a dynamic exchange. Please do not hesitate to share your passions and your talent.

The young generation laments a lack of schooling. They do not have access to scholarships or grants and therefore depend too much on only occasional contact with international painters. Nevertheless, there exists, in all regions, a considerable number of designers, painters and decorators.

There are not any permanent galleries but the artists design, paint and organize expositions in any place that is made available to them. Associations are being created.  For nine years, certain Guinean artists have met together and formed a group of artists called COMPAN’ARTS.  They present exhibitions in Conakry and outside the country.   The figurative Guinean art is far from « tourist » art.  The paintings here can stand witness to this fact.  They show a taste, style, sense of color and form that is remarkable.   You are invited, through this site, to visit them, in a gallery at the National Museum of Sandervalia (a community of Kaloum, Conakry).